We specialize in large, complex airframe components for the aerospace industry. The combination of our specialized equipment and experienced design team enable us to produce high quality parts, on time, at competitive prices. Heizer Aerospace maintains a low overhead environment. We continue our pursuit of cost containment through innovative management, just-in-time inventory and a corporate intranet.   Combining twentieth century experience with a twenty first century vision. EFFICIENCY PROFILE EXPERTISE We machine aluminum alloys, titanium, and other exotic materials for the aerospace industry. We have a reputation of producing parts other machine shops find difficult or impossible to manufacture. Much of our machinery is custom designed and easily adaptable to fit customers needs.  Our Facility in the Heart of USA OUR SIX SPINDLE GANTRY MILLS ALLOW US TO MACHINE COMPLEX PARTS UP TO 200 FT (61 Meters) LONG HAI HAS 5 CUSTOM DESIGNED MINI-GANTRIES CAPABLE OF CONVERSION FROM 1 TO 4 5-AXIS SPINDLES UP TO 200 HORSEPOWER 2 MULTI-SPINDLE 5-AXIS GANTRIES, 150 FT (44 m) LONG X 20 FT (6.1 m) WIDE, VARIABLE SPINDLE SPACING, 3 INDEPENDENT Z-AXES PER BRIDGE 8 GANTRIES  32 SPINDLES 6’ (ft)